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My mobile life

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Some thoughts on Wind Power

The brown strip from Nanticoke covers a lot larger area than 2 kilometers. I live in Dunnville, the effects of a coal plant burden my sky, lungs and the growing respiratory tract of my son. Wind power is not perfect, but it is an alternative. Through wind power 1% of the energy used in the United States comes from a clean, self regenerative source. That is a win.

Wish I had some sort of "giant fan" to blow all this smoke outta here!

I get a headache when my neighbour drives by with his car stereo booming. Perhaps I should have him removed from town as well?

Wind power is not meant as the be all, end all of energy fixes. But it is a step in the right direction. People need to see it as such.

There is a wind generator within 2 km of my house at Rosa Flora Greenhouses. I have suffered no ill effects. None of my neighbours have suffered any ill effects. No one in my family has suffered any ill effects.

I wonder how the people in Cheapside would feel about wind power replacing the coal plant that dusts their town with ash.

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It’s the “T Boost”

I built my first guitar pedal this week.  It’s a simple booster pedal that I handwired myself.  It sounds sweet!

Here are some pics.

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Another day, another infestation

I began finding these “worms” in my kitchen a couple of weeks ago and although somewhat baffled by their appearance, wasn’t overly concerned and quickly forgot about them. Once my wife began to find them, it became a little harder to ignore. They would appear on the counter, in the cupboard and daily I would find one on (not in) my covered sugar bowl. Thanks to my trusted Nikon D60 DSLR, I was able to capture a detailed and very close up photo of this creature.

Creepy little sucker, isn't it?

I posted it on my Facebook profile page and got immediate comments. Mostly they were “ewwww…” and “you must live in Dunnville.” jabs but one caring reader identified this worm as a carpet beetle larvae. It began the investigation. My wife had it identified within an hour.

The “Larder Beetle” or “Dermestes lardarius” is a small beetle which is an infrequent pest of households. Found during the winter months in the outdoors in sheltered areas, they are known to enter buildings in the spring thaw in search of food. One female larder beetle will lay up to 135 eggs once establishing a food source and these eggs will hatch within 12 days.  The beetle will live for 40 to 60 days.

The larvae of the Larder Beetle is distinguished by a backwards curvature in its spine, two spine like appendages or “horns” in the posterior end on the abdominal segment. They are thickly covered with short and long setae which are reddish-brown to black in color.

These beetles (including their larvae) are dependant on high protein foods, and will strip the bones of animal carcasses. I’ve heard that some museums use them to clean fossils.  Subsequently, the most likely of spots for me to find them would be in the containers full of dog and cat foods.  I dug through the bins carefully, searching for any sign of a worm, egg, beetle, any sign of these elusive creatures.  Alas there was nothing.  I shifted my attention to the cupboard with the sugar bowl.  If I kept seeing them here, it’s a good spot to look.

Pulled out the ice cream cones.  Nothing.  Pulled out the flour.  Nothing.  Icing sugar.  Nope.  Baskets full of spices.  Nada.

At this point I grew tired of the search and started losing interest in the whole ordeal.  Then I noticed a bag up in the corner of the cupboard.  AH HA!  The dog treats.  In the bag was a mixture of expensive, healthy dog food that the vet gave us as a sample (big kibble, useful as treats), and run of the mill Milkbones.   It was loaded with larvae!  Worms everywhere!  They had burrowed through the treats and were living inside of them!  On closer inspection, I realized they were strictly inhabiting the Milkbones!  The healthy dog food was untouched, while the “McDonalds” of dog treats was infested!

I pulled everything out of the cupboard, inspecting everything closely, fully expecting to find these pests everywhere.  Alas they were not.  The only other infected container was a bag full of graham cracker crumbs.  It’s a good thing it’s garbage day tomorrow as my garbage has already made it to the curb.

As I sit here typing, I find myself very grateful that I found these creatures while they were still in the larvae stage.  Hundreds of speedy beetles tearing around the house really isn’t something I’m interested in.  Plus, my wife doesn’t have to run from the house screaming.

Man, I love living in the country!

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Owen – One of These Days on Vimeo

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A symbol for this day and age, a symbol for the future.

As I walk the streets this day a symbol is forced upon me.  The poppy.  As I scan the various social networking sites a symbol is forced upon me.  The poppy.  As commercials interrupt the television programs I am watching, a symbol is forced upon me.  The poppy.  As I enter and exit the grocery store a symbol is forced upon me.  The poppy.

I will not wear a poppy.  I never have.  I never will.  Does anyone else have a problem with the term “fought for our freedom?”  It doesn’t make sense.  The death and destruction of another life to preserve the “freedom” of another.  At what point did the term “freedom” gain the definition “get what I want”?  Who is the grand decider of freedom?  How can one’s freedom be traded for another’s?

I recently read a post by fellow blogger Jules Cosby.  It was a take on the poppy that was similar to mine and brought new points and a fresh idea on this topic.  It has forced me to thinking.

Every year everyone starts wearing the poppy and thinking about lives lost, and the travesties of war and so on and so forth.  Remembering as it were.  What is it that we are remembering?  Pain.  Death.  Destruction.  Political travesties.  Children without fathers.  Wives without husbands.  Parents without children.  And what is it for?  Freedom?

I have a personal idea of freedom.  It involves a much greater symbol than the poppy.  It is something that doesn’t need to be fought for.  It is, in fact the opposite of fighting.

It is time to forget the poppy.  It is time to move on.  Remember your grandfathers.  Remember your great grandfathers.  Do not symbolize it with a flower.  Remember it by the symbol they would want you to.  By the symbol they hoped to accomplish.

It is time for a new symbol.  For now.  Forever.


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Hello trusty readers.

I am participating in Movember this year.  What does this mean?  It means that for the month of November, I will attempt to grow the largest, most ridiculous moustache I can in an attempt to raise money for prostate cancer research.  No joke!  This is the real deal!


What can you do?  I’m looking for two types of people.  Joiners and Givers.

The funds raised go directly to Prostate Cancer Canada.

What many people don’t know is that 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to afflict Canadian men with 25,500 diagnosed and 4,400 dying from the disease each year.  Facts like these have convinced me I should get involved.

Thank you to everyone in advance, let’s raise some money!!!

Marcus T

Click here to see my video, “The Initial Shaving”

Mo Logo Stacked Large

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Random pics

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See and download the full gallery on posterous

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A Scab is the Scum of the Earth?

As I sat watching television tonight, someone snuck up to my house and quietly slipped something in my mailbox. Since I have a dog, I knew they were there instantly. Woof!

I found a folded up piece of red paper with this written on it:

Important Notice

Dear Resident

Please be advised that you have a SCAB living in your neighborhood!!  His name is _________.  A scab is a person who has no morals, who takes advantage of people who are locked out by their employer or on strike.  A SCAB is a person who crosses picket lines to do other people’s work while they are fighting to keep the wages and benefits that they have negotiated.

A SCAB is a person who is greedy, selfish and despicable.  Who is “SCUM OF THE EARTH”


He may take your job next!!

At first I chuckled a bit but then, as I thought about it, I started to get a little annoyed.  Has this person done anything wrong? In these times of “economic turmoil” can anyone really be blamed for accepting an opportunity?

Seamen Strike

I’m not saying I condone a person crossing a picket line.  I probably wouldn’t do it.  What is bothering me is that someone has taken the time to single out this person in his own community, depicting him as some kind of monster to his neighbors. Couldn’t this sneaky courier have found better ways of fighting his battle?  More important enemies to target?

Seems to me that a strike occurs, generally, when workers become unsatisfied with what is being offered from their employers. Doing battle with the evils in corporate should take a great deal of energy, if it’s truly a cause worth fighting for.  Why is this person, or persons, taking the time to walk neighborhoods, stuffing slanderous junk mail into peoples mailboxes?

If you are striking, are you not part of a union? Should it not be the job of the union to ensure that while striking, your job is protected and under no threat of being lost to one of these “scums of the earth“?  If it is really a worry that you will lose your job while striking, I truly hope your union dues are received rather than paid out, as your union leaders are doing you a great disservice.

Compassionate Eye

Doesn’t this person realize that this action can only benefit his adversary?  Corporate Big Wig is sitting in his leather chair, finds out that the strikers are going after the “scabs”.  He thinks, “Great!  They’re getting nervous!  The union is going to crack!  Time to up the anti.”  When striking, keep your eye on the prize.  It lies just beyond your enemy.

Sorry to keep beating a dead horse here, but I just can’t believe someone would perform such a personal attack on some ordinary Joe who just wants to work!  I highly doubt that this guy is going around looking for striking businesses so he can find work.  That’s not in his best interest either!  When looking for employment, what are the things that people look for.  Job stability, decent wage and benefits. Why would someone aggressively seek work with a company that is striking for not having any of these things?  It seems a little ridiculous to me.

My point?  Who is really to blame here?

The company is to blame for:

  1. Putting profit over the happiness of and respect of his workers.
  2. Hiring replacement staff during a strike

The union is to blame for not:

  1. Creating a contract whereby new workers are not to be allowed to work in the instance of a strike.
  2. Instructing the union members on proper protocol during a strike situation.
  3. Charging union fees and not fulfilling their duties.


Don’t blame the scabs.  They are just working stiffs like the rest of us.  Blame the real enemies.

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New “Digital Newspaper” to be released

The University of Cambridge has developed a new flexible electronic screen. Targeted at commuters, this “digital newspaper” is believed to be the cure for environmentally destructive, landfill filling, paper publications worldwide.

Created to compete with the overpriced silicon based “Amazon Kindle”, and numerous expensive “tablet computers”, this product is made of cheap plastic. 56178180
This screen will allow readers to subscribe to their various publications and download them straight into the device for a reasonable monthly fee comparable to a standard newspaper subscription.

This seems like a great idea with wonderful intentions but I’m forced to wonder if it is merely a gimmick that will pass on through the ranks of the wealthy and never make it to widespread distribution. At $300, the average consumer will be forced to stay away from this purchase, (aside from a few technogeeks), and once again we are slaves to the people with money.200559150-005

At the moment, there are concerns about the durability of the product, and it is not being released yet due to these concerns. It seems people want to be able to “roll it up and dump it in their bag” I guess these are the people who wait until the last minute to prepare themselves for their train stop and then run through the train hollering, “Outta my way! This is my stop!” This strikes me as a little odd that this would hold up production, as one of the main “pros” of this device is supposed to be its durability. If you drop it on the subway, it’ll be ok. If you drop your laptop, maybe not so much.

All in all this seems like an interesting idea, and I’m sure it’ll satisfy the rich, trend junkies, but the problem is; everyone already owns a laptop, or a crackberry, or an iPhone so I just don’t see people shelling out the cash for a “gimmick”

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