Posted by: Marcus T | April 26, 2009

Looking for a new TV?

Here we are in the age of Technology.  PDA’s, Crackberry’s, iPhones, home automation, remote controls that set the mood of your house with the push of a single button.  The world at the push of a button.  Everyone’s getting into it.  It’s great.  Bringing people together.  Narrowing distances.  All that good stuff.

How can the average consumer get involved without worrying about getting scammed?  How can you know if you are getting true value out of your purchase?

Here’s the scoop.  Prices in flat screen tv’s has fallen through the floor in the last couple years.  Everyone can afford a brand new 50 inch plasma tv.  They just have to fit it into their budget.  Just go down to the local Wilmart, Canoobian Tire or Suture Shop and pick yourself up a BRAND NEW TV!  Never heard of the name before?  Big deal this is an advanced technology.  Right?  If I’m paying almost a grand for something my purchase is protected right?  Wrong!  All these off brand TV’s are exactly what they appear to be.  Cheap.  Made with garbage parts that break.  Assembled with cheap labour in China and shipped to us with cold solder joints, poor quality wiring and overall garbage parts.

“Fine!” you say.  These places have brand name tv’s that are still cheaper than buying them from an independant source.  RCA, JVC and many other quality names that people have come to know and trust.  I’ll buy one of these and have peace of mind and confidence in my purchase.  Right?  Wrong again.

Here’s a little tidbit that the average consumer doesn’t know about.  Say “Wilmart” wants to increase their product line.  They go to RCA and say.  We want you to make us a tv that will fit into a our pricing scheme.  We want you to make 1000 of these which we will ship out to our locations and sell off in a frantic fire sale.  (take weapons people!)

RCA says “Great!” and presents “Wilmart” with a prototype and cost.  Wilmart checks it out.  Finds a way to cut corners, finds a cheaper manufacturer of parts and gets them built in china for much cheaper.  Then they pay RCA a chunk of money and RCA plunks there name on this line of tv’s no longer having anything to do with them at all.  Wonderful!  Here is a brand new line of name brand tv’s.  Exclusive to Wilmart.

Now we have Jimmy the Weebler out to buy a new tv.  He checks flyers and stores and compares prices.  Low and behold as he checks the Wilmart flyer he sees the Panasonic brand that he sees everywhere, for the same price he sees everywhere.  He sees the Wilmart brand tv that is much cheaper, but he just doesn’t trust it.  But wait!  What’s this?  Here is an RCA tv on sale!   It’s the same price as the cheapy cheapo!  What a bargain!  And so he buys it up.

Everything is great.  Jimmy has a new tv.  He has friends over for sports events and movie nights.  He’s making his payments everything is fine.  He wakes up one morning and turns the tv on to watch the morning news.  BZZZZZZZZZZZZTTT!!!!!!!!  Darkness.  The set won’t come on.  It was a sale tv so the warranty was short and has expired.  Whatever he thinks.  This sucks but I am still paying for this tv so I’ll get it fixed.  Takes it to a service center.  A couple weeks go by and he grows impatient.  He calls the sc to find out what is up.  The repairman informs him he has been searching high and low for parts for his tv and they just flat out aren’t available.  He has 6 more of these same tv’s piled up in his shop, all waiting for parts.

RCA should have the parts right?  Wrong!  They didn’t make it remember.  Fine Wilmart can get them from the distributor right?  Wrong!  They don’t have relations with that distributor anymore and they went bankrupt anyways.  Besides your warranty is up.  What do they care?

Here’s your options 1.  Buy a new tv.  2.  Don’t watch tv anymore.  3.  Find an independent dealer who can help you avoid this problem in the future.

The crooks are everywhere people.  Remember, there are no deals, only dealers.



  1. Great post dude

    If you don’t mind tubes, i actually prefer them, you can get a tv free from just about any garage sale or garbage night. Those really big tvs just give me a headache anyways.

    There is no brand of anything you can trust these days.

  2. This is where ‘image and likeness’ gets you. Fake gods, fake goods.

    Well written!


  3. Never miss a good children’s story! The Emperors New Clothes and Little Red Riding hood, they do the job, prepare the way. But nobody reads and are read to anymore.

    Evil, without a mask, looks good and attractive these days; the best guys in a video game are the worst killers, the ones who draws digital blood in the most effective way.

    What happened to Little red Riding hood? Who gave her a tattoo and pierced her face?

    I guess any warning about the dealers shall just fall on deaf ears and blind eyes shall flock to the next sale to fling their carnal at the cashier for a good looking offer.


  4. I remember a time when i was a good looking carnal offer.

  5. Some acquaintances of mine bought a tv (Samsung) from EHR. This has been a respected source of audio/video goods in the area for many years. They had the tv for 4 months and BZZZZAP!! Won’t turn on anymore.

    Hmm…what to do in this situation? Call the place you bought it from, right? Well that is exactly what they did. This is where the story gets a little crazy.

    The guy at EHR told them to bring it in for warranty service. Great! Perfect! Sounds easy enough. Of course what the salesman failed to do was give them any sort of instructions on how to ship a large plasma television. If anyone has ever moved a large pane (or pain) of glass has probably learned (hopefully without serious injury) that you MUST ship it in a standing position. If you lay it down, it will flex and shatter. The same rules apply when shipping a plasma television.(large glass screen)

    As you might have guessed by now, the panel was shipped laying down. Upon inspection by the store, they decided all warranty was void because the interior panel was cracked and unfixable.

    My question is, how can the store not be held responsible for not giving proper instructions on moving their own product? If they have the right to repossess an item for missed payment, doesn’t the item, in fact, become their responsibility?

    Oh! I failed to mention that the salesman screwed up. Store protocol in this situation is that they, the store, will come to your house and inspect the tv on site.

    Now my acquaintances are stuck with a broken tv, a large bill and the store will do nothing about it. I’m going to suggest they go after Samsung about this situation and see what they say about it.

    These crooks are everywhere people. Be very careful. Find a trustworthy INDEPENDENT dealer (like myself) who can guide you through the a/v buying process and help you avoid a situation like this.

  6. Exuvia.

    Thanx for reading. It’s true! Fake gods are taking full advantage of the simple minded people!

    Blind and deaf as they may be, I still feel obligated to speak out and try to make people aware of this nonsense.

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