Posted by: Marcus T | August 17, 2011

Some thoughts on Wind Power

The brown strip from Nanticoke covers a lot larger area than 2 kilometers. I live in Dunnville, the effects of a coal plant burden my sky, lungs and the growing respiratory tract of my son. Wind power is not perfect, but it is an alternative. Through wind power 1% of the energy used in the United States comes from a clean, self regenerative source. That is a win.

Wish I had some sort of "giant fan" to blow all this smoke outta here!

I get a headache when my neighbour drives by with his car stereo booming. Perhaps I should have him removed from town as well?

Wind power is not meant as the be all, end all of energy fixes. But it is a step in the right direction. People need to see it as such.

There is a wind generator within 2 km of my house at Rosa Flora Greenhouses. I have suffered no ill effects. None of my neighbours have suffered any ill effects. No one in my family has suffered any ill effects.

I wonder how the people in Cheapside would feel about wind power replacing the coal plant that dusts their town with ash.



  1. I would feel much better about the windmills if they were putting them in the industrial park rather than in peoples back yards affecting our property values! I am not against the idea of the cleaner energy however, they cost a fortune and produce little energy.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Tricia!

    I agree, the average back yard is not the best place for a giant windmill. There are lots of unused property, on the other hand, that is privately owned that makes for a great location for clean, renewable energy. I don’t necessarily agree that a windmill will bring down property values. This is an opinion that is NOT based on fact. A big problem in this debate. No one seems to want to use facts to back their arguments.

    These private properties not only provide a great opportunity for the “wind companies” it is also a great opportunity for the private owner as well. By selling off a small section of their unused land, a private owner can make a substantial amount of money, while helping save the planet.

    I’ll take a windmill next door over a field sprayed with feces any day of the week. I wonder which one will make you sicker?

  3. B.A.N.A.N.A.: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody. Used to describe “Tree hugging hippies” opposing industrial expansion. Now used to describe the growing number of uneducated, apathetic, worry-worts who consider anecdote and here-say about windmills and other forms of renewable energy as fact, and use those “facts” as an excuse to cover up their fear of losing a couple bucks in their real estate holdings. Well said Marcus, I’m on your side!

  4. Thanks John!

    B.A.N.A.N.A. I like it!

    I’m not here to be a ranting “tree hugging hippie” although maybe that’s something the world could use more of! I just want people to get their facts straight before they condemn something.

    Thanks for reading!

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